How To Protect Your Relationship From Anything

Unfortunately, there is so much sadness and evil in this world today. It’s so easy to let some of what’s happening around us affect our relationships.

A culture of selfishness and hate could quickly have an impact on even the best of marriages. Seeing friends divorce and hearing stories of infidelity and pain, could have you looking at your own marriage sideways if you aren’t focused and proactive.

Couples, you must know keeping your marriage alive and well is a continuous journey. It won’t happen by chance. It will happen, however, with effort and intention. When you feel the world creeping into your marriage, causing chaos, be proactive and try these 5 tips.

Keep God first and make prayer consistent.

One of my challenges had been praying with my spouse. I know that we are stronger and better equipped to handle whatever comes our way when we are prayed up. It must become a priority if I want our foundation to remain strong. In addition to praying for our marriage, we must also pray for others and what’s happening around us.

Stay engaged and interested in each other.

Communicate about everything. Stay in tune with what your spouse is experiencing in life, on their job and within the marriage. Having a weekly or monthly check in, as a couple, has really been beneficial in a lot of marriages. It’s also important that we’re not more worried about things outside our relationships than we are about ourselves. You can stay engaged by always making time for each other and ensuring needs are getting met in your marriage.

Recognize what you have and hold on tight. 

Don’t allow others to have you doubting your relationship. You know why you married your spouse and you know why you stay. Silence that outside noise quickly and permanently. It’s okay to remind nosy folks that your marriage is sacred and private. You must also treat your marriage in that way as well. Remembering not to bad mouth your spouse or speak ill of your marriage is also important. Couples must support one another in the good times and the bad.

Celebrate frequently.

Don’t just wait for the holidays to promote and celebrate your love. Do it frequently and just because. Date nights, thoughtful surprises and weekend getaways are needed. You only have one life and it passes by very quickly. Take advantage of the time you have together. It should be spent enjoying each other’s company as often as possible. Celebrating should definitely become more of a habit in our marriages.

Surround yourselves with positivity.

Look to build a circle with positive people. Those who promote marriage and are doing most of what was recommended above are good for your marriage. It’s hard to remain in a space with good energy when you are surrounded by negativity and constant complaining. There may be some people you will have to love from a distance because of the spirit they bring. It’s ok. You will have to make tough choices sometimes in order to protect your marriage.

Your marriage is important to you. Just like everything else you care about, you must be proactive in protecting it from anything or anyone that poses a threat to it.

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