Loving Yourself Makes You a Better Lover

I desire to be a great wife who has a great marriage. That is my primary love goal. My husband needs attention, love, support and to feel like he’s my number one. Most of the time it’s simple to do. But honestly, there are some days when it’s a bit of a struggle. I don’t feel like doing those things. It may be because I’m stressed, feeling neglected or just downright exhausted. How can I give my husband those things when I just don’t have them in me?

I discovered a truth about marriage, I can’t give my relationship my all when I haven’t loved myself first. If I’m stressed, unhappy, or feeling some kind of way, my husband will not have his needs met. It is a must that I take care of me first. Loving myself will make me a much better lover of my spouse. Here’s how I love on me.

The main thing I do is talk to God. He is the source of my strength and I have to stay plugged into my source. He is my friend and I talk to Him as such. In those conversations I’m reminded of my blessings, my purpose, and how much He loves me. And after, I’m refueled. Having this loving relationship helps me not worry. I share the love that God showers on me with my husband. If I didn’t have His love, my marriage would suffer.

I get my rest. Getting a good night’s sleep helps me feel rejuvenated. I’m cranky when I’m sleepy, which of course affects the energy I put into my marriage. It is a must for everyone involved that I get my hours of rest and relaxation.

I do things I love. I laugh and talk to my children, my mom and sisters. They remind me to laugh and appreciate those that I love.  I also cuddle up with a good book or my magazines and read. Or watch my favorite tv shows and I write. These are things I love. If I didn’t have my outlets, stress would build up and affect the type of spouse I desired to be.

I spend time away from my spouse. Our marriage works because we have our own lives too. Spending time apart helps me to unwind and enjoy time with girlfriends. The time away makes me also appreciate the time I do spend with my husband.

I take care of me. I pay attention to my body by getting physicals and taking action when something doesn’t feel quite right. If I’m not healthy, I definitely won’t be able to take care of my family.

Loving myself makes me a better lover. The healthier my relationship is with myself, the better my relationship will be for me and my husband.

In what ways do you love yourself?

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